What’s the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brand in 2017?

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Let Us Help You Sift Through All The Good Motorcycle Helmets On The Market

Motorcycles are dangerous. When you ride a motorcycle, there are no airbags or crash protection to ensure your injuries are minimized. A person is only as protected as their equipment allows them to be.

LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Sunshield

Our favorite for 2017

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet

A very close runner-up

Shoei RF-1200 Matte Black Full Face Helmet

An amazing helmet from Shoei

Helmets are the one key piece of equipment that matter the most.

Head injuries are the most common injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. A person who’s in a motorcycle accident has an 80{be215d76b38cb1a2e02cbdd61df368ad6b9bf0f39b1e08919b7b4974db64fdc9} chance of death or injury. Helmets are 67{be215d76b38cb1a2e02cbdd61df368ad6b9bf0f39b1e08919b7b4974db64fdc9} effective in preventing brain injuries and 29{be215d76b38cb1a2e02cbdd61df368ad6b9bf0f39b1e08919b7b4974db64fdc9} effective in preventing fatal injuries.

You need the right motorcycle helmet to ride safely.

We’re going to provide you with motorcycle helmet reviews covering the best helmets on the market.

When looking at helmets, we suggest you compare:

  • Certifications or Approvals: Helmets that are able to meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation are far more likely to protect a rider’s head during an accident.
  • Ventilation System: The interior of a helmet can become sweltering during the hot summer or spring days. A ventilation system can reduce the interior heat of the helmet greatly, allowing the rider to remain comfortable while riding. And with a ventilation system, less sweat buildup occurs, allowing for a fresh-smelling helmet that’s bacteria-free.
  • Visor Protection: A built-in visor protects against flying rocks and debris, but the visor can also offer UV protection, which reduces interior heat and protects the rider’s skin while riding.

Motorcycle helmets are pretty standard in design, but it’s the small features, such as removable interiors or D-ring chin straps, that will keep the rider comfortable and safe when on the road.

Reviews of the Best Motorcycle Helmets

Review: LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – The LS2 comes equipped with a twin shield system that features a drop down sun shield to protect the rider’s eyes from the sun. The shield easily retracts thanks to the built-in switch.

An easy to release, quick release chin strap is incorporated into the design and is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The intermediate oval fit allows the helmet to fit most head sizes, and the technical fabric liner is washable and easy to remove.

The washable liner keeps the helmet fresh and reduces smells caused by sweat buildup in the helmet during long-term usage.

This helmet meets ECE and DOT requirements – or exceeds them.

Review: Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet – Fuel Helmets offers a gloss black, full face helmet: SH-FF0016. The lightweight helmet is a good entry-level model and is often one of the first helmets new riders purchase to protect their head from injury when riding.

Four size options are offered, with a dual vented diffuser system incorporated into the helmet to allow for maximum airflow.

The helmet’s lightweight design is thanks to the thermoplastic shell and comes with removable cheek pads for easy cleaning. A quick release shield protects the rider’s face from debris and potential injuries. The helmet is DOT approved.

A D-ring closure with retention strap keeps the helmet in place.

Review: Shoei RF-1200 Matte Black Full Face Helmet – The Shoei RF-1200 comes in over a dozen color options and 10 size options. An interior ventilation system allows for the head to remain cool when other helmets would be blistering hot inside.

The interior is made with 3D Max-Dry System II, which keeps  the interior dry and helps to eliminate sweat smells. The helmet features a Matrix AIM+ shell with a multi-ply construction. Snell-M2010 and DOT standards are both met.

A shield system protects the rider’s face and includes a locking mechanism to keep the shield fully closed or open as needed. Pinlock pins are included. There is a five-stage rotation to fine-tune the base plate as needed. A secure chin strap is incorporated into the helmet.

Review: Arai XD4 Helmet – The Arai is offered in seven size options, and the helmet comes in 9 color options. An intermediate oval shape and shell shape keep this helmet snug on the user’s head yet provides added comfort.

Large side cowl vents keep the head cool, while the exhaust ports remove interior heat from the helmet to eliminate sweating.

An emergency cheek pad release allows the helmet to come off quickly in case of an emergency. The interior is removable and washable to allow users who sweat often to keep the interior of their helmets clean and bacteria-free.

This is a great motorcycle helmet for avid riders who are on the road often.

Review: Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet – The Bell Qualifer is a unisex helmet with a full face shield. Manufactured with polycarbonate and ABS, the helmet is light and comfortable while also providing over a dozen color options to pick among.

A click release is incorporated into the shield to release with without the need for tools.

The padded wind collar reduces noise and wind, while the helmet’s NutraFog II technology keeps the protective shield from fogging. The shield also features UV protection and anti-scratch technology.

Contoured cheek pads keep the rider comfortable during longer rides, and the interior is removable and washable to keep the interior of the helmet smelling good. Speaker pockets are integrated into the helmet as well as a padded chin strap.

Buyer’s Guide –  How To Choose The Right  Motorcycle Helmet For You

When riding a motorcycle, the last thing you want to do is put your health and life at risk because you purchased a helmet that doesn’t offer the protection you need. There are great helmets in every price range, and comfort is often sacrificed for safety.

Motorcycle Helmet

If you only plan to ride an hour on the weekend, a cheaper helmet that’s a little less comfortable may suffice.

But if you plan on riding through the hot summer months with your days planned for weeks of riding, you need a helmet that doesn’t lead to aches and pains. It’s easy to get hot and irritated when a helmet doesn’t provide UV protection or offer a ventilation system.

A few of the major things you’ll want to consider when buying your helmet are:

  • Sizing: Make sure that the right size for your head is available. A sizing chart is provided by most manufacturers and must be consulted. Improper sizing can lead to extreme interior heat buildup and discomfort, which no one wants when riding on a beautiful day.
  • Release Options: Visor releases allow you to quickly adjust the visor so that you can see unhindered. This is an option that’s necessary if the helmet visor breaks or if you’re pulled over by a cop. Chin and other releases also make it quick and easy to get your helmet off in the event of an emergency.
  • Padding: The interior padding adds comfort when riding and helps absorb impact if an accident occurs. Padding that’s removable and washable is the best option because you can eliminate the sweat smells and bacteria buildup inside of the helmet, allowing for longer usage.